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Just like Bilbo…I got the Ring

Nearly 5 hours after sitting down on that black chair , with a pillow in front of me, I was done. The concept I had been pondering, freaking out, and looking forward to is finally on my back…alot of my back!! I love it. The pain really could be best described as a hot scalpel cutting through flesh and bone. Half the time i had my eyes closed counting to keep my mind off the pain or trying to look at all the ghetto tattoo flash adorning the walls.I can’t believe I did it and I do feel a tad bit stronger in this very weak world of mine. Now I just hope and pray it heals correctly and ends up gorgeous. After it finally finished, i think it was a combination of the pain and the anticipation…..I lost it. I don’t know if it made it even more real that Michael is not coming home or what…it just was a lot to take in. I got home and started washing sheets and towels and kind of lost it. I wanted to call michael and tell him all about it or at least here one of his smart ass remarks……none were to be heard.
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