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Another Day in Hell-adise

SO I think I’m having some fucking allergic reaction on my tat. I finally go out and put lotion on it to later find out that the ingredients in it take away the color and make it have a rash….just my luck. There my logo goes again. Never fails to let me down. I, of course, have procrastinated again on packing my house, big surprise there! Now that I have no freaking wireless in my house I find myself going to coffee shops nearly every day. I try to switch between two so I don’t look like a coffee house groupie. I had yet another break down last night. I think I should give them a new name. How about a lapse of falsehood. There you go! I had yet another lapse of false hood. To go along, there were no freaking scary movies on last night. Halloween night!! My first Halloween without my baby and i can’t even watch a good scary movie! Just my luck 😉 So i sit here depressed, scary movie deprived, exhausted, with a fucking rash on my back…..Yip-eeee! Also, i left the dogs out for about 8 hours and max came back in the house covered in stickers. Whatever. I’m so over all the things that occur. One stacked on top of another. Things i used to get upset about or shed a tear over are now the dumbest things. The things that now make me laugh or just add onto my crappy sundae of life. Well, I better get off to go rinse this allergic reaction off my back and pick up some stuff that will hopefully save the only thing I’ve been excited about lately.
I love you baby and I’m soo in love with you Michael.

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