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The pain one knows, the pain one feels with the separation of true love is undefinable.

I have touched his skin, kissed his lips, heard his words, but above all felt his love.
A love that I cannot define, other than being one that knows no limits.

It knows nor life or death, nor distance and time,
but it aches for his soul,
his soul when mixed with mine,
one so complete that i wish to know no other.

Tears are shed for the moments I can feel him, yet never enough,
and for the oceans of heaven we are separated by.

It is a love so pure that others do not understand,
a love that others disregard and brush aside,

but I have known it, I have lived it,
it is the air I breathe, it is the reason I am me.

If there was a door I could enter to just feel his presence, a breath from his mouth,
I would be there.

But until then, I shall live on this earth as a half, a half that does not want any other than him,
that does not want anything but the eternal love i know, no matter where, we both feel as it beats in our hearts worlds apart.

and I will wait
I will wait………………..
-T. Davis

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  1. lancasters3 #

    That is so amazing! Every word is exactly what I feel inside. I always promised my husband I would wait for him. whether through deployments or anything, and I will wait. Thanks for posting this Taryn!!


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