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One thing I have always tried to make a point of to non-widows is that I am proud to be a military widow. I received this title because of the amazing sacrifice Michael has made. I have been blessed to have friends and family that have grasped onto my new life instead of trying to tell me what I need to do (even though in the beginning that may have not been the case).

Our lives are not what we envisioned but we are so lucky to have a life in which we can choose our new path. That does not mean that whichever path we choose will be not be scrutinized, but faith and courage will bring us the peace we need to be content in all our decisions.

That leads me to this story which really shows, that even though being a young military widow in a society that may not fully understand, we are very blessed with the decisions and life we still have, in the country our husband’s died fighting for.

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