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The Beat


As I lay and feel my



I think of lying against

your perfect body.




it throbbed against you,

like two drums playing a flawless duet.

Tears run down my face

thinking of its sound….

familiar sound.

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  1. I’ve read through your posts and viewed the photos. I was a bit surprised to see there has not been a following of comments…yet. Then I felt very privileged to see my comment as one of the first, cause…I recognize this as ‘pure gold.’ Your creations are a God given blessing to my heart. Thank you for being you. You make me proud!

  2. LOL Thanks G. I haven’t put it out there too much since compiling them all on here 🙂 so happy to have you reading along. Love ya

  3. LHiggin #

    I agree with Glenda “pure gold.” I can’t stop reading your poems are raw and true emotions keep writing

  4. You write beautifully


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