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Yep, That’s Me

I miss the quirky awkwardness that was all ours.

The waking up in the morning and making up songs about the cereal I was about to eat.

The moments where he’d surprise me….not with roses, but fried okra.

Giggling like teenagers as we snuck out to fool around in random parking lots.

Smiling at each other during cheesy movies and then getting in the car to see who could do the best impersonations of “Naaaccchhooooooooooo” or whatever other lines made us smile.

He always was proud of how well i could do, “Whatch you talkin’ ’bout Willis?”….I was really good at it.

I’d turn on ’50s music and he’d dance with me, smiling the whole time.

We’d go to the Zoo and take pictures of the squirrels running around, instead of the lions.

But all of those things and more…..are what made us, us. What made our love, our amazing love, what it is.

I still make up songs, and sometimes I’ll even stop by “Church’s” and eat my okra.
I will laugh at the corny jokes in a theater when no one else will, and snort with enthusiasm when the rest of the world is silent.

He encouraged me to be who I was…who I am…and I am so proud to be me….because it is when I am me, that I am us….I am perfect.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

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  1. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing those wonderful moments. 🙂 Now, when I go out and try okra, I’ll think of the two of you. luv u.

  2. Brooke Toner #

    “He encouraged me to be who I was…who I am…and I am so proud to be me….because it is when I am me, that I am us….I am perfect.”
    Best Ever! I love this T! I feel this same way, exactly. We definitely had our very own weirdness, and I love hearing about yours. I got Frankie a card that reminds me of this…it was a picture of a bunch of sheep, and one was wearing a necktie – on the front it says “Adding to the misery – no one here thinks I’m funny” — on the inside it said something like “What is wrong with these people? Miss Ewe.”
    Anyways, it is when I am doing the weird things that only we did together, or looking at things that made us laugh —that I feel him with me the most.

    • That card sounds like it rocks!! and actually……I sent the same on to Michael!!! Great minds….great minds..and in our case, great loves…. now I want to dig through my bags to find it. Is it the one that is all black and white with a red bow tie? and they are real sheep not cartoon ones?

      I love the quirkiness you and frankie share, and you SOO keep alive everyday, like through my birthday song!

      Thank you, again, for sparking my memory bulbs to remember and cherish even more what sometimes drifts away.


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