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Someone once said that it is knowledge sets us free, but as I’ve learned, everyone’s knowledge is different.


After Michael died I knew nothing but one thing in life. I could no longer answer questions on why or how things turned out as they did. I could not tell you right from left. As time has passed though, I have embraced the unknown and learned to accept it as a companion on my journey here on earth.


Still though, there are those times, those gut-wrenching, bring you to your knees moments in which the lack of knowledge of how one has ended up in the predicament they’re in, can run a muck on the soul we each carry inside of us.


I don’t know why I can’t hold the hand or kiss the lips of my one true love, I don’t know why his vehicle had to be the one to be absorbed by the 2,00 pound blast, I don’t know why I must sometimes wander in a world in which few understand me…and yet…as overpowering and heartbreaking as some of these things may be I can only  return to the one true thing I know…the northern light in a world that sometime has no direction….


I know I am loved…but not only loved but in love with my counterpart…my chosen one…my compass.


It’s all I know in a place that sometimes feels like a dark alleyway.


And that is all the knowledge I need…it’s all I need….and I am free.

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  1. Brooke Toner #

    As always, your posts just sum it up perfectly. One of my favorite quotes reminds me about what you said about the northern light:

    “Love is like the North Star. In a changing world, it’s always constant.”
    — Gordon B. Hinckley


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