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On Yours

I lay in bed a lot, thinking of when Michael and I lay there together. The mornings where we had nothing else to do but sleep in, rolling into each others arms, with me kissing them as they embraced me. The evenings in which the world fell asleep with us, as there was nothing but him and I. Sometimes my heart will beat out of my chest reminiscing of those times, and it’s almost as if I’m back there.

I wrote this one night in which I could hear nothing but my heart beat, as I lay in bed. When I hear it I think of him, and the crazy world I find myself in becomes calm, and I know his beats with mine.


My heart racing

up against yours…


Trying to catch up to the feelings,

the emotions

protruding out every pore.


But we lay still



knowing that if we lay here long enough,

they’ll find their way…

the pounding of our chests will become



and our hearts will laugh….

as we realize,

laying there like



that we are at the one place we are supposed to be.


And with my face pressed against your chest,

I smile.


And I’ll


And I’ll


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  1. 04/08/2011
  2. Brooke Toner #

    I have read this multiple times…and every time it gives me chills. We are so lucky to have felt this….and have it to sustain us.


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