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The beach air seeps into my skin. The clouds melt into my eyes. The breeze wisps past my heart.

I sit here on a deck by the ocean. I sit here and reflect. I sit here and absorb.

I’m here in Port Aransas for an AWP getaway. I’ve fallen ill. Not a cold, but something I fear to test, as I fear of how it could incapacitate me, how it could make me face life’s bumps without him.

So I sit here on the porch, red wine to my right, eternal ocean to my left.

Not being with my fellow widows, at a time that I have put my heart, life and love into leaves me to my own devices.

So I sit here and say out loud, to myself, what is aching to leave my lungs. A realization I’ve long known but never put into words.

The fact. The utter truth…that you never know the sacredness of a smile or laugh until you can’t hear or see the one you most love. Fear that your own will never return. A sacredness that decided to embrace me once more. Introduced me to a long, lost friend.

And the breeze passes by my cheek as I look into the now glittering lights of the hotels in the night’s horizon.

And I smile.

And with his love enveloping me…I laugh.

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  1. Love You. ❤

  2. I’m a Texas poet and I’ve been to Port Aransas. Wonderful place there by “the eternal ocean”, as you aptly put it. Enjoyed being taken there by your poem.


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