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It’s 2012.

I’m here in Tennessee with  group of widows and all feels right.

I woke up this morning and walked in the mountains. The fresh, cold air on my face. The sound of nothing but wind through pine needles. The necessity to do nothing but listen to the thoughts in my mind. To say nothing but my feelings to my heart and him.

I know that 2013 and 2014 and 2015 will come. I don’t know what each year will hold, or if I’ll even be in them, but I do know that living is the only answer to each day that passes…each month that passes…each year.

He is my reason for living, and through that reasoning, I have even found reason to live for myself.

He was always someone who I planned or would have died for, but when cards dealt something unexpectedly, I knew I had to live for him, and in doing so, I found not only a reason to live for myself, but for others like me.

I love that I have that knowledge…I love knowing what I am alive for…and what I know I would and will die for.

That knowledge, undoubtedly, will make 2012 and beyond a year and lifetime worth living.

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  1. katherine selber #

    Love this and love you. So glad you are there with the other widdas.. I can feel your happiness. Happy New Year my dear friend.

  2. Beautifully written. You are such a blessing to some many others. Happy New Year to you.


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