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Monday will be the big day….

5 Years.

5 years since I last heard his voice..saw his face…heard “I love you…and I’m so in love with you, baby.”

And in these 5 years I’ve learned just what it takes to be the “perfect” widow, and I’d like to share it with all of y’all:

  1. You must be imperfect.
  2. You must make mistakes.
  3. You must persevere.
  4. You must follow your heart.
  5. You must do so knowing that many will tell you you shouldn’t.
  6. You must ignore them.
  7. You must find a reason to smile…
  8. Not everyday…as that is not feasible…but more times then times you frown in a year will suffice.
  9. Being a widow is a title you should be proud of..
  10. Never forget that.
  11. You are amazing.
  12. Your spouses love will get you through the moments that you will sometimes feel are unbearable…
  13. Keep you heart open to feeling it.
  14. Life is short.
  15. Love is eternal.
  16. Repeat that to yourself each day.

And there you have it….ingredients to being the perfect widow.

It took me 5 years to realize and I’m sure I’ll become more “perfect” along the way…but this is all I have so far.

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