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Every now and then. Every once in a while she’ll get worked up and cry like that. But that’s OK. She’s letting her feelings out. The scary thing is not being able to do that. When your feelings build up and harden and die inside, then you’re in deep trouble.

 -Haruki Murakami
This past weekend I was honored enough to spend with a fellow widow full of so much courage.
A widow that could admit their fault, their weaknesses…and when the time prompted, face the head on to say you have no power over me.
I saw the tears she held back…and then I saw them leave her.
A cleansing of all that she had held in for so long, and they glimmered down her cheek with the freedom they had pleaded for, for so long inside her soul.
Watching it. Being a part of it. Allowed me to reflect on the things, pains, regrets, that wanted to be set free.
I let them go.
I hadn’t realized I’d been holding onto them.
In seeing the prisoners of her past pains be relinquished of their role of torturing her every step, I set them free.
Don’t let them harden your soul.
They weren’t meant to have a life sentence….
And neither were you.
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  1. sweet release of soulful feelings.. it’s all good Taryn, all good.

  2. Cassandra #

    Taryn you are an amazing woman. Your posts often help me to reflect and analyze some of my own past and ways to see my future and how I better want to handle things. I have learned in reading your writing to be more thankful for what I have and how to better appreciate it..You have a wonderful blog full of great quotes and raw emotion…very genuine. Thank you for taking the time to write. 🙂 …. I completely agree with letting the tears flow. 😀


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