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5 years…..

In 5 years I’ve gone from someone that felt I had nothing.

Felt that dying was a better choice then inhaling and exhaling over and over again.

Over time, life crept in. And in a way, I slowly started investing in the day ahead…the week ahead…the month ahead…

I didn’t see it as I was doing it, but in retrospect, I finally let the love between Michael and I be an action for life, instead of letting his death be a reason for doing nothing more than existing.

And like any investment….the stocks will rise and fall…there will be times you want to pull out because the future is to uncertain and your head starts telling you it won’t get better….but something in me told me to hold on….let his love stay…grow…show me what was possible for my own life.

5 years ago I took a risk….I took the risk to live…to invest the love he had left me with into an uncertain life….

There are certainly going to be moments in the future where I will doubt that decision….but I know the investment will always turn out in my favor…turn out to show me that his love…my love for myself and the life I had before…but more importantly the life I have NOW…is worth it…

He bought into me when he let me love him…I bought into him when he allowed me to love him…and I still love him…and I feel in my soul the eternal love we still share….and that investment was and is worth every second of every day….crashes…rises….recessions…and all….

Love is worth the investment….but even more…life is worth it….

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