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I was having a farewell dinner this evening with a friend…which usually equates to sharing our thoughts on life and all that it teaches/has taught us thus far.

At one point during our conversation, he looked at me and said, “Taryn, there was a quote from a book that changed my life. I want to share it and I want you to absorb it.”


That was the word floating into my head with such a preface!

“Ok.” I responded, taking an exaggerated inhale as some sort of sign to show him I was prepared.

He opened his mouth and the words poured out:

“All that is not given is lost.”

I repeated it aloud. I repeated it again.

I sat silently and dissected it in every which way.

It hit me. I dare not say in which way, as I think it’s a line that will bring to the surface the things deep within ourselves that we may have lost….which will be different for each of us.

The things we have failed to give.


I know since Michael’s death, there is much that I have given and much that I have received.

I also know that there have been parts of me that I have held so close that had/if I did/do not let go, I would never know all the true beauty still awaiting me.

I want to give.

Every aspect of every ounce of every part of myself.

I refuse to die with any lost part of my being.

I’ve lost too much to lose anymore by my own hand.

I want to give it my all in giving my all.

I owe it to myself.

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  1. Casualties at Home #

    Profoundly beautiful

  2. runninmum #

    I read your beautiful words regularly, but have never commented before. I agree with this statement, but when I first read it, my brain flipped the words around & I think it is so true that way too & is essentially what you have said about giving it your all. I first read it as…

    “All that is given is not lost.”

    God bless you in your journey!

  3. you are beautiful.. you and michael’s love is so inspiring. i love seeing you channel that beautiful energy into random acts of kindness.. don’t ever forget kindness to yourself. michael is always with you. once energy is created it can never be destroyed. with love, we can never truly be separated.. may you continue to spread love and light in this world. may you continue to be blessed by that perfect love, and share it fully with the world.. love from a NYC writer-gal. XO


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