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How Much?

It’s been nearly 3 years since I saw this video (it’s been stuck on a broken computer), and nearly 4 since it was filmed in Eagle River, AK by my baby (you can see him in the reflection of my sunglasses).

I sure don’t sound the same, and definitely don’t look the same, but I sure do feel the same each time I watch it.

Love you mucho mucho.

A Falling Through – Ray LaMontagne

Laid our blessings on the ground,
The softening of sound
Draws us closed again

Stay, stay and watch the coals
Till they cease to glow
Like empty promises

Why, Why did you go, why did you go away?
Why, Why did you go, why did you go away?


There’s nothing I can say
Nothing I can do
To bring you back again

This of life I know is true
It’s all a falling through
And so I reach for you

Why, Why did you go, why did you go away?
Why, Why did you go, why did you go away?

Don’t you care
That it may seem unfair?
(You steal things you ought to borrow)
Don’t you find
That it may seem unkind?
(I’d rather breathe than drown in sorrow)

Why, why did you go
Why did you go away baby


One thing I have always tried to make a point of to non-widows is that I am proud to be a military widow. I received this title because of the amazing sacrifice Michael has made. I have been blessed to have friends and family that have grasped onto my new life instead of trying to tell me what I need to do (even though in the beginning that may have not been the case).

Our lives are not what we envisioned but we are so lucky to have a life in which we can choose our new path. That does not mean that whichever path we choose will be not be scrutinized, but faith and courage will bring us the peace we need to be content in all our decisions.

That leads me to this story which really shows, that even though being a young military widow in a society that may not fully understand, we are very blessed with the decisions and life we still have, in the country our husband’s died fighting for.

He’s my Big Fish

I had seen this movie before Michael’s passing. After everything happened I had a yearning to see this film again, and it was afterwards that I knew why. There are so many scenes that can relate so closely with. The scene below is one that reminds me of sitting in the car after the service. We sat in it right afterwards to listen to the bagpipe player play “Amazing Grace” and I remember sitting in the front seat, folded flag in hand and staring at the large group that surrounded us, and stared. Strangers, people that were Michael’s childhood friends, others acquaintances, some just onlookers who had been able to glimpse into the moments of our everlasting love.
Enough of my jabberings though, I hope you enjoy it.